Site Under Construction

Please bear with us as we redesign and update the website.  To get started, we've added some of the basic information and upcoming events, but more changes/additions will be coming soon, so please check in again.  While we work to get new content uploaded and change up the look of the site, please feel free to contact the webmaster with any questions you may have, or any suggestions you have for the site -- we already have some plans in the works, but are open to any and all suggestions and will incorporate as much as we can to make the site beneficial to everyone. Again, thank you for your patience during this time. (Last updated July 20, 2017)


Is anyone interested in having information sent directly to your inbox so you don't miss events happening out at the Club? We hope so!!

As part of the process of redesigning the website this year, we've also been looking into other ways to communicate with all of you in addition to this site and our Facebook page. One of the options we've been researching, based on suggestions from all of you, is the best way to put together a mailing list to send event information out to those who are interested.

We are currently in the process of collecting subscriber information and hope to send out the first group email in August. So please take a moment and fill out the form at the bottom of this page. It's quick and easy to do -- just input your name, email address, and choose which "group" of emails you'd prefer to receive. (We've given the option to sign up for just registered shoot info or just non-registered shoot/other event info if you prefer one over the other, but we HOPE that you will keep the default selection for "All Information" and join us for all of our events!)

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions shoot us an email!

*We will NOT share your information with any other organizations -- your information will remain private and exclusively used for communication from the Kingsburg Gun Club.*

2017 Western Zone

We are proud to be the California location for the 2017 Western Zone, July 14-16.  Come on out to the Club and represent the Golden State while competing against shooters participating at other clubs throughout the Western United States!

More Information Coming SOON!

Keep watching for more information on upcoming events and general information about the club

Open to the public for practice rounds


There's nothing more relaxing than being out at the Club and getting in some practice rounds.  The Club is open to the public for practice on Tuesday evenings (starting at 5pm) and on Sundays (starting at 10am) every week.  Practice rounds are only $5 for 25 targets.

Clubhouse From Distance